Breaking bounds is fun, that run through the bush, and the feel of relief and freedom when you finally get to the tarred road where you can easily jump into a trotro hits different in ways that only those that have ever experienced the Adrenalin can explain. This is what Joshua and I had just gone through. He is mad scared of his dad, so we usually break bounds to his end only when his dad is away. We got to his house and his mom (mrs Emma) was very cool as usual. Fufu and goat light soup on a Friday evening, I was salivating as the aroma tickled my nose. She knew we had broken bounds for the weekend. We usually do, when there are parties or events coming up, Either to his or to mine. A quick shower and a change of clothes, I had only one focus, that fufu and goat light soup. My dada bee friend couldn’t be bothered, he was fixated on pizza and things. After dinner, his mum went upstairs and we played games for a while then his phone started buzzing. His area pussy had set, but it had gotten late, about 9pm. He had to sneak out to her. Being a very good friend, I helped my brother and friend in the art of going over. Slowly I closed the door after him and locked up. The house was very quiet and I couldn’t sleep, just in my weakly buttoned boxers, I went to lay in the sofa, turned on the Tv and kept it at the lowest sound possible. I heard sounds out of the kitchen and got scared, I tip toed my way there, the lights were on, the sounds had gotten louder and it smelled very good from in there, then I saw the door opened ajar. Mrs Emma was making pancakes, she invited me join and made me a plate. Super mom already knew Joshua had sneaked out. She made jokes about it and we laughed it off. Her night gown was extremely transparent, even though it went long to her feet, Her over coat didn’t help either. Whiles she sat, you could see her nipples standing faintly on her ever erected full breast. I tried as much as possible not to stare. I stood up to wash the dishes, then she got up to take it from me. I moved next to her to do the rinsing. In the process of switching positions, I brushed against her behind, and in seconds I had bulged up and landed in between the crack of her bombom. I stood there for a while without moving, I could tell she felt my hard on, as it kept growing bigger in boxers. my weakly buttoned boxers had allow

JOSHUA’S MUM (part 2)

I moved next to her other side to do the rinsing. In the process of switching positions, I found myself brushing against her behind, no where to stop than in-between the crack of her bum. It was soft, comforting and relaxing, Yet warm. The pump through my arteries, I felt myself bulge up as I stood there for a while without moving, pressing gently against her. I could tell she felt my hard on, as it kept growing bigger and bigger in my boxers. My weakly buttoned boxers had allowed my hard wood to escape from its cover. She asked if I was ok back there. A soft Yess.., I could neither swallow enough saliva nor breathe in enough to speak proper. My voice had gone weak. Her satin wasn’t going to deny me the pleasure of having a feel of her flesh, it complemented it, giving me a different kind of tease. My flesh felt hers, inbetween the crack of her bum my hard on rested. The feel of her satin round my wood, the softness of her bum that accompanied it, I could taste honey in the air, but my lips felt dry in that moment: I licked them. I felt her hands on mine, she held my two wet hands and placed it on her hips, my wood throbbed. My hands in hers, she used it to contour her body till it landed on her TATAs. She squeezed hard on them. Giving me a feel of those nips I have been admiring. I could feel my wood breathe. She grinded hard on me and I pressed hard against her crack. She let go off my hands and I kept it on those round erected TATAs. Caressing and massaging it the best way I can. She raised her gown all the way to her waist, her palms were as soft as cotton as she grabbed my wood. She bent down a little and directed me into her cave. Diamonds are forever, her juices were more than together. They flowed around my wood like a flock of birds. I could feel them drip on my balls sack with each thrust. She placed her hands on the sink and arched her back some more. My hands landed on her waist, I went so deep, I could feel the back of her throat. Moist yet spongy, tight yet not dry, I wish I could call it sweet but it doesn’t do the feeling justice.

JOSHUA’S MUM (part 3)

Her throw back and waist movement, how she transitioned from slow to fast and back to slow. Her pause when my moans heightened, I was having a taste of paradise. She turned around, her back to the floor and she invited me in. She held on to my head and her lips found mine, she tasted like morning dew and as soft as melted butter. Her hands pressed onto my butt as I pushed inside of her to enable me go deeper. I heard a slight knock, then I heard my name. Her inner juices felt like the bees nectar, I didn’t want to pull out. Then a knock again with my name following. This guy is annoying, “how could he come back so early” I thought. She stood up and went upstairs, then I walked to open the door. My wood was still at 90 degrees, so I placed my hands in my boxers to keep it caged. The entire night I couldn’t stop dreaming about Ms Emma, her lips, her behind, the feel of her inner thighs. I wanted more and more.

I heard the cock crow and my eyes opened, JOSHUA was still asleep, He sleeps like a log. Even on campus he wakes up at 12 on Saturdays when he can. I needed to take advantage of the moment. The time was only 8am so I had enough time, my early morning erection is in the perfect form to be fed. I went down the stairs in my boxers again with my hands caging my wood to my thighs; they were strapped. The smell of eggs and sausages had eloped their atmosphere as I drew nearer, how perfect it will be to eat and eat. A big smile drew on my face when I saw her standing with her back facing the entrance, her lovely behind. I walked in majestically fully focused on nothing but her ass. As I approached, I heard “hey Carlos”, followed by a hug from behind. JOSHUA’s twin sister had come home too. Ms Emma turned, she looked at me and smiled. “Jessica came in this morning” She said, as she walked past us to the dinning table, In confusion I froze. Breakfast is ready, so we followed. She wouldn’t let go of me, my early morning hardness was getting worse with her warmth.

JOSHUAS MUM (part 4)

I have always seen Jessica as very attractive. She has this innocent seductive smile, that brights up the room when she enters. Her lovely legs and heels, never touched the ground when she walks barefooted. Her body is freshly developing, glowed with a natural sex appeal. In this very moment, her lips near my ears talking into them wasn’t helping. Each string of her vocal chords went straight down my spine, I felt it deep within; she sounds simply beautiful. I had to take my hands out of my boxers to eat. Jessica saw my fully erected wood as I released my hands. Trouble finds us and not the opposite. The dinning table didn’t span too wide, I had Jessica to my right and Ms Emma directly opposite. Jessica looked down, the tip of my wood had poked out of my boxers, I tried to hurriedly put it back in but she slapped my hand, and I tried to remain calm. I felt the cool breeze of the early morning wind blow on the tip of my trying to sleep wood, it felt comforting. Across the table, I looked over at Ms Emma and she was smiling; had she seen it too?, I wondered. She started a long conversation which I heard nothing, till now I don’t remember a single sentence constructed in that moment. Ms Emma’s feet, had found its way to my sack and Jessica’s hands had grabbed hold of my OAK tree. As the daughter played with the tree, the mum played with the sack. From its tip to the linning in between its ball sack, they endangered every species on my wood. My entire being came on fire. How does one maintain his cool, how does any conversation make sense. I tried as much as possible not to make faces, but it was just too damn good. The tip of Ms Emma’s toes will rub firmly and gently on my anal strings, whiles it try to gasp for breathe, Jessica’s finger tip tickled the rings round my thick hard oak tree. I could feel the veins pound, it’s roots went deeper, Ms Emma’s twinkle toes massaged, it was as if there were no bones in them. Amazing was understatement, how can one give this much pleasure by the use of simply their toes. I tried as hard not to moan. Blood had rushed into my cranium, it tanks had become full, I just wanted to blow out mmmphhhhhh, then I saw Joshua pulling a seat to sit. How Joshua joined us on the table, sat next to his mum and didn’t see any of these is a miracle I am yet to find an explanation for. His presence made them stop. In my head I wondered if none saw the other at work, my head was filled with all forms of answers. I swallowed the rest of my meal and went straight up to the room to rest my boiling head.

JOSHUAS MUM (part 5)

Judge not the pleasures of thy thoughts, the seduction of thy mind and fulfillment of deeper desires. How did I even allow this to happen. The car, too full. We should have just picked a taxi, but Ms Emma wanted to take us. Not enough space in her car, it’s filled up with things she’s going to supply. Joshua and his girlfriend had occupied the back. Jessica has no where to sit but on my lap and in the front seat. Like a small cubicle, we were cut out in our own section. Ms Emma’s separated us from her. A long box caressed the division between us and her. I could see her. Her pretty face accentuated by her full cheeks. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Ms Emma staring and smiled, I smiled back. She is beautiful from all angles, Her daughter, a direct print of the mother. Her long legs coupled with her smooth thighs. How it gullivered out of her dress, the smoothness and beauty of her skin. How do I not lust. Her skin feels as though it’s never known struggle. It rested on my jeans, yet I could feel her softness through its pores. The knod, the lizards dance, I felt the blood gradually rushing to the tip of my wood, I could tell she felt it too. She adjusted herself to feel me better, she’s really clever, her grind against my flap was just perfect. It exposed her bum to my flap. The road was not that smooth, I had to grab her from behind. She held me for support, placing my hands on her thighs. I felt goosebumps all over. It was utter beauty. They laid rested on her thighs till she directed them in between them. How I zipped unlocked and her panty shifted to the side is a dance of the gods. By the last bum from the rough road to the tarred section, I found my oak deep inside of her. Moist and juicy, tight and cuddly, warm comforting. My teeth had to be glued to each other. The things she was doing to me without the rest of the world seeing. The speed of the car that made me not feel my legs. She had taken my thrusts so deep that I could feel cervix. How she clenched the tip of her ozone to squeeze on my oak. I was in purgatory. I don’t want it to stop, I want to be on the road forever. She will arc her back and I will feel me slide to extreme angles. The only way to feel my existence is to grab her waist. How did I know she was about to turn it up a notch.

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