EVER BEEN SO HORNY AT WORK, you end up finding a way to ease yourself?, For the past few days my hormones have been acting up in excess, My entire body feels tingles and i feel as though I have not had a good fuck in years. Technically I have never had a good fuck, because I never cum. No one ever makes me cum, but at least, I love the feel of a thick black veiny steel ramming deep into my cervix. The look on his face, his sweat, when he is hitting you so hard and you try to grab his arms, that smell of a real man, the way he sounds when he is about to cum is just something else, I love it. Here I am sitting at my desk, typing a report for the last meeting we had whiles listening to music. I raised my head and I see selassie walk in, her feet in those red heels, how her black dress just hoisted above her knees hugs her thighs, her smile as she walks towards me. She comes to sit next me and we chat, her smell and those well manicured fingers brushing against my shoulder. There I was with my dirty bisexual self. I sat wondering if selassie wouldn’t mind doing girls. I looked at her lips and they were mad attractive, I wanted to kiss them so bad. After the conversation, I turned and watched her walk away, those cute buttocks will look yummy in my palms, I wanted to squeeze them. In a WhatsApp group I am in, someone dropped a porn video, this was the apex of my issues. My panties were literally completely soiled at this point. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I got up straight to the ladies, checked to see if it was completely empty and sat on the wc. I pulled my undies down to my toes and spreaded my legs open. I sucked on my two middle fingers to wet it up. Just as I was about to touch myself, the door pushed open, I forgot to lock it. There stood selassie in front me, I was so embarrassed, I tried to wear my undies and she stepped over it. She turned around to lock the door and looked at me eye ball to eye ball, i felt the chills down my spine, then i heard her throat spund to me "no need to stop". Imagine my surprise as I watched her push down her panties to her feet too, touch yourself she said, I opened my legs wider and begun to rub my clitoris, i watched her pull her dress up to her waist, her pussy cleanly shaved and well tacked in, it looked as pretty as her face. I wanted to kiss it to so bad. I looked at it and looked up to her face. She drew closer. I rubbed my clit harder, the sight of it turned me on the more. I grabbed hold f her bum and buried my head in her vagina. Oooooooouuuuuu I could feel my pussy dripping with each taste of her pussy. I ate her up, ate her up aaaaahhh mhmmm oook ahhhhhhhh fuck. Yesss yesss yesssss... This felt hella great... ouuuuuu to be continued....  

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