“The way of a temptress, her smell, the gaze of her eyes, her smile, the energy she eludes when around men, her ability to command her space. It’s not magic, the reason why your man chases her is not juju, it’s not a fetish priests doing, it’s a skill you can learn too. Learn it, and make it part of you, It is not that hard.” Akosua said. This what my mum told me at a young age, now this is me. Seducing, is the ability to entice someone to do what they silently want to do. An inner desire that is not vocal, sometimes buried, just hidden right underneath the surface, but the yearn for it still exists in the individual. When you get it right, you get the person wrapped around your finger tips as though he is being charmed. It’s just a psychological play. The ability to seduce you partner, is the ability to keep your relationship fresh and renewed. With that said, these are some ways to seduce your man. 1- know your subject: I watched her turn a very nice guy down. He turned around and walked straight away. It was the second time seeing her in the lobby and I could tell she was working. I walked up to her and asked why she turned him down. She seemed confused so I asked again. Her reply “he looks good, probably doesn’t work out but in shape, he smelled of a very nice perfume and his watch is expensive. I am looking to get paid and paid well not have sex with someone that can get me to do it free” I looked at her amazed but confused. I asked how, her reply, “this hotel is for middle income earners, not too expensive yet not broke. A guy that looks good like that in a hotel like this is not going to pay you much. Because he can have a girl like me. The target is, she looks around and points at a couple. Someone like that man she says. Whether he is rich or not is not a problem. He will be willing to shower almost any amount on me just to have his way, because on a normal day, he can’t get me. The words of a seductive call girl. We sat and had a longer chat till I saw her taste enter and helped her corner him. We became good friends after. The lesson here tho is knowing your man, being able to tell what gets him off is the first and most important hurdle. 2- Tease Him: Most men fall in love with site. Almost everything encompassing this seduction topic has to do with some form of tease. Is not about just what you were, is how you look in them, how you walk in them, it’s that effortless touch you bring out, when you wear a see through lingerie and come to put your head on his lap whiles he watches his Tv or go to him to say good night whiles he works. 3- Confidence: this is not arrogance, most women confuse arrogance with confidence. A man is born to “take care of a man”. It’s in his DNA, his veins and soul, even if he doesn’t do it. A mummies boy want a super woman like his mum and takes care of her in a way that enables her to be in charge of him. He wants the feel of a mother in a lover. A “hard guy” wants the independence of his mother but the vulnerability of a servant. More of the best of both worlds. People want things that they don’t really know. It’s your duty to decipher whom your man is an seduce it out of him. An arrogant woman mostly end up with jerks, it’s not because men are bad, but that’s what you attract. It takes a lot of confidence for men to approach an arrogant woman who sees herself as confident and not arrogant. You don’t want to cheap, at the same time you don’t want to be over the top. The hard part is finding the balance between being confident in yourself and your sexual appeal, and at the same time being confident in your vulnerability. 4- PDA (Public display of affection): She screams sex without being sexual. It doesn’t have to be a kiss, is doesn’t have to necessarily be a touch. It can be how you smile at your partner from hundred(100) feet across the room. How you let your eyes talk to him when you stare, how you walk pass him for him to smell that lovely perfume you wore before you stepped out. How the rest of his boys stare at you in public and say damn. That element of seduction takes control over his brains and actions without his notice. He is left yearning for you more and more without pin pointing the cause and effect. You don’t need to be slutty to achieve this. The “sluttyness” can come in the right places when it’s about just you two 5- Surprise Showers: When he least expects it, sneak into the bathroom when he is taking a shower. Shower with him, rub your body against his whiles you reach for the sponge, soap tap, whatever and when you are a done just leave. You don’t want to over do a tease, you want to get it just right. 6- PAMPERING: “watch a man describe his ideal wife material and realize he is describing a slave or a maid” that’s supposedly the quote that is going on these days. It’s sad when I see people posts this boldly as if it’s a wise saying or something good. Just like you will want people doing same things for you, so is it normal for any man to want that. The difference is women are made to not voice out their inner control nature. You will also wish someone will cook and clean after you, wouldn’t you? A good seductress knows when to pamper her man. The man may want a slave by definition of a wife, but how you pamper him, how to treat him makes him do things that he ddnt even see himself doing. You enter some households and watch the lady sit in kitchen after cooking whiles the man washes the dishes. They find common grounds to clean up after each other. The feel and vibe she makes him get from her, makes him do things he never thought he would. 

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