PapA. (Part 1)

My phone 📱 beeps, a text from him Danny: are there dogs in your house? With a confused look on my face wondering why such a question, I reply. ME: No? DANNY: You said you live around north Kaneshie demod right? ME: Yes DANNY: see you soon. At this point, my heart skips a beat, I call him right away. My stepdad is home. He was not bothered by it. We just finished having phone sex and he enjoyed it so much that he wanted to come and give me a good night kiss. All this risk for just a good night kiss, obviously he was joking. I gave him the direction to my house either ways, then went to clean up and laid back in bed. Barely 30 minutes after, my phone starts to ring. It is DANNY again, in my sexiest tone, I pick the call. The brown gate? He asks. Yes! I reply. I am here he says. The look on my face, my thoughts start running all over the place, am confused on the next move to make. My room is closest to the kitchen, I tip toe my way through the kitchen and open the kitchen door without a sound. He jumps the wall and comes to me,His shoes 👞 of his feet, we tip toed back to my room. The surge of adrenaline that went through me, the feeling of fear and adventure got my thighs wet. He pushed on the bed and kissed me passionately, my lower body had gone weak. His fingers found its way from my knee slowly up my thighs to my wet crotch. His first two fingers parted my vaginal lips and his thumbs took hold of my clitoris. I gasped, he buried his lips on my nipples and sucked on them. His two fingers went deep in my vagina then he begun to stroke my inner walls as he sucked on the breast. The thumb will not let go off my clit, Whitt this feels fucking good. Mmmhmmmm fuck. He intensified the pattern aaaarghhhh fuck. Don’t stop don’t stop, shit I was getting carried away, my moans were starting to increase, so I took a pillow and placed it over my lips. I felt a sudden bulge of big rod drill through my vagina, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiii I yelled into the pillow. Fuck!!!!! Too deep too deep aaarggghhhh it felt very good but with a little pain, shitttt!!! Take your time, take your time arrrrrfghhh fuck. The dick was too big. I turned him around and climbed on top, this gave me full control. I cannot take all of you. I sat on his cock to about half of it, then begun to whine my waist, with each twist I felt my walls expand some more, it felt good, I whined some more, shit, aarghhhhh fuck. That was him, I had gotten him right where I wanted to, his moans were thickening, aarshhhh mhmmm . I was dripping wet at this moment and felt I could take his entire rod, I sat all in and it hit my womb then he yelled ffffffucccck!! Shooting his load into me. I was just picking momentum. Then we heard a clap 👏🏽. “Young man” get up and come”, that was the voice that followed, my stepdad was standing right at the door way. Before I could open my mouth to beg, he told me shut up and get on my knees so I did. He pulled out his belt and lashed DANNY till he left the house the same way he came. I knelt there scared and frightened. What was he going to do to me. I was shivering 🥶 lawd am fucked. He came back to meet me still kneeling, he looked at me not as angry as earlier, do you know how long I stood there watching? I didn’t know whether to answer or not, I had gone dumb. He drew closer, held on to my head and dropped his pajamas down to his legs, his cock was veiny even though not fully erect, it was wide and thick with a big head. It already looked bigger than DANNY’s. He said, “suck it.” I hesitated, he held my hands and placed it on his cock. I closed my eyes and let the tip into my mouth, I sucked the head, licked his pee hole and cupped my mouth round the tip his big cock till it became hard. I cannot take this entire thing into my mouth daddy, try he said. I spat on the cock and stroked it whilst I sucked, I engaged my second hand at this point whiles relaxing my jaws. I went beyond the tip of the cock to almost half, I was enjoying it, I could feel my pussy starting to drip, you living it don’t you? He asked. “Yes daddy” I responded. It felt really good taking charge like that. Fuck I wanted my pussy rammed against. I had become fuckingly wet. I took one hand down to my vagina and rubbed my clit whiles I sucked and stroked his cock. His veins had swelled bigger than a rock and there I knelt moaning on his cock. He told me to stand up lay on the bed so I obeyed. He spread my legs open and in one stroke his tongue 👅 wiped my wet cunt from the base of my pussy to the tip of my clit. Sssssssssshit. I held on tight to the sheet to keep my soul on earth 🌍. He plunged his tongue deep into me and I moaned louder. Yessss daddy! I felt his entire face in my vagina and I her on to his head.. arggghhh mhmmm fuck daddy you are calling me aaaaishhh oouuuuu I rubbed my vagina hard on his face eiiiii aaaaarsh yessssssss. I must have had a thriller of an orgasm from his face. He turned me over, I arched my my buttocks up in the air for him, he spanked it and plunged his cock deep into me. HaaaaaaAa daddy, I felt his palms right above my waist, followed with another spank, then he begun to fuck justice into me. I could feel his cock in my abdomen and in the soles of my spine, right at the footing. To be continued.... 

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