There are very few men that do not f

eel like sex gods. The truth tho is, mostly a guy that has patience and treat sex as not just sex can please almost every girl. Every woman is different and as such there’s no definite rule of law ways of pleasing everyone. You can’t please every woman sexually but you can at least please a bigger chunk and satisfy almost all when you play your cards right. Almost used here is just to confirm you can’t be 100% but 96-99% greatness is attainable. Months ago I received a very strange message from a guy on my personal line. It simply read “hi, I am (let’s call him Kojo) and I am currently married to (he mentioned a very old ex of mine’s name). Note: This is an ex I broke up with over 7 years ago. The only reason why this guy hit me up was because, for a little over 3 years of marriage, he has never been able to make the wife orgasm. They got talking about their past sex life and she happens to have told him about an ex of hers who took less than 10 minutes to get her to orgasm and some plenty sexual praises. He asked her the things he used to do and they employed similar tactics. The sex did become fun but the orgasm issue was still not solved. He loves her and they have a great relationship but the issue with her orgasm really disturbs him. He found a way to get his number from her: I wonder why she still has my number, without her notice and contacted me for pointers. I laughed like a fool; if she thought I was great in bed then, then I wonder what will happen now. But nonetheless I saw it as a sweet effort he made. He does love her that much. The solution was simple, he was a defender trying to play the position of a striker. I myself thought I sucked back then. Anyways,so I figured out he was going according to script. The average Ghanaian is naturally a copy cat. Not creative in making things their own but just copying people and forget that even the look and feel of photocopy is different from the original. Having a fair idea of what I did all he had to do was to make it his own. Our body types differed, our smiles differed, the feel of both lips differ, and even if our penial sizes are similar, the arrangement of our veins differed. Employing exactly what another person does and in his sense what her ex “being me did” was rather going to make her miss her ex and make it harder to get her there rather than pleasure her. All the same, this ordeal concluded nicely by me chopping his money and making him get some stuff along with extra pointers. This morning he hit me up and said he didn’t just make her cum, now he makes her squirt. See the way a messed up me was happy reading it. Foolishly he wished he could tel her I helped him. 🤦‍♀ This whole thing is not for men is meant for the women. How your ex pleased you, how he made you enjoy that good and all is understandably an experience. Do not base on that to move on to the next stage of fun. Allow your new man to develop the other parts of you too to complete you. You may be surprised about what is an untouched. Be open minded each time and the pleasure that will await you will be uncomputable. 

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