Late Hour

Wearing my silk robe with nothing underneath, feeling free with my n

aked self and just that little covering with a glass of wine, I had work to do. I lit up my candles, laid down on my sofa to get work when I heard voices from outside, the people were screaming 😱 thief on repeat. That was when it hit me that I haven’t locked up my main gate yet. I rushed out to lock it with a padlock, entered the main house and locked it with keys. I turned around and found a young man on his knees, I screamed really loud, he got up to hold my mouth with his palms. “Please don’t shout I beg you”, he pleaded. He explained himself as having been mistaken for a thief, when all he did was to sneak into his girlfriends house. A neighbor saw him jump the wall and that led to the chasing ordeal. His only means of survival was to run which landed him at my doorstep. He sneaked in whiles I was locking the main gate. I felt sorry for this young man; he looked very good for a theif. He let go off my mouth and I told him to follow. When we entered my sitting room, there was my vibrator screaming hello next to my glass of wine. I took a quick glance down. My robe 👘 was opened all this while, revealing from my cleavage down to my shaven vajayjay. I covered up quick and turned to look at him. “I am sorry”, he said whiles smiling. I felt embarrassed. Took the vibrator quick and covered up with my fur blanket in the sofa 🛋. My girlfriend owns the same he said. It pulled my attention to him some more, really? Yes! He replied. Did you know you could get more satisfaction from this particular type if you use it laying sideways rather than on your back: showing me an angle to tilt the vibrator towards. I had never thought 💭 about that. “Here, let me show you”. I was a bit hesistant but still I handed it over to him. As he started talking I blanked out and went back into my extremely horny state, I have been horny for over a month since my husband travelled and it is only today I am getting my first ever sex toy, If only he knew. It came out of my mouth 👄, “this is my first time”. He smiled, oh really he came closer, if you don’t mind, I can help you. The look on his face, the manner in which he said, the craziness of the moment, I felt my vaginal juices 🥤 dripping down my buttocks. I nodded yes and relieved myself of the covering, “are you wet enough?” He asked. I simply spreaded my legs for him to see how juicy my cunt had become. I laid there in my back in the sofa, he turned on the vibrator and hovered it all round my vajayjay, teasing the entire walls of it. I could feel my vajayjay breathing and pounding. I felt his fingers tip climb up through my belly, crawled slowly till it touched my oranges 🍊. He squeezed it in one move and placed his fingertips on its nuts 🥜. Shiiiiiit! I closed my eyes in pleasure. I felt the vibrator touch my clit with its dick tip. In less than 30 seconds my first orgasm had landed. He shoved it inside of me, spreaded my clits to the sides and rocked the hell out of me till I was helpless. I lost count of my orgasms at this stage. He took out the vibrator and buried his head inside of me. He licked me till my legs begun to shake, my lips went dry, oxygen went scarce. I begged him to give me his rod, I wanted to be banged. He pushed his pants 👖 down and I saw his bull. Damn! I said to myself, I begged him to let me have a feel of it. I rubbed my hands round it to feel its veins, it throbbed in my palm. He descended down to vajayjay and shoved it inside of me, he took my oranges 🍊 into his mouth and sucked on its nuts whiles he rocked me to Canaan. I laid there helpless and exhausted when he was done. I watched him walk out without any energy left in me. 

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