You love Sex More than He Does

Sex is as important as love. We live in a world where women are forced by society and their environment to curb down their massive appetite for sex. From experience, the highest causes of low libido in women are Stress, sexual shame, poor body image, depression, anxiety, and exhaustion—issues messing up the female psychological make which in turn messes up their sexual urge. Truth! Men exaggerate their sexual prowess and urge. Recent research conducted by Meredith Chivers, PhD, of Queen’s University shows that females are naturally as desiring of sex as men and more easily bored by monogamy. Just as testosterone boosts a mans urge, so does that crazy estrogen that when its at its low levels affect the female sex drive. Most females are forced to be sedimented by emotions of being judged when they allow their sexual nature to be revealed, This should not be so. It is ok to have a much bigger sexual appetite than him. Now it is how you handle it that matters. CAUSES 1- he may not be enjoying sex with you as much, you are probably boring a little bit in bed. 2- stresses of life and he trying to make a living for both of you can sometimes reduce his sexual urge. 3- He is just not that sexual. People are allowed to be themselves and some people are just not that sexual. 4- Your sexual prowess and how you entice him are at an all time low. Your sexual ability is not as encouraging as you think. 5- There is another option in the picture doing a much better job. Solution 1- mix it up: learn something new and apply it in your relationship. 2- Maybe comfortability and other relating issues made you let yourself go. It is time to get your sexy back. 3- Destress your man, don’t just complain about him not giving you enough sex. If possible never even complain.Pamper him, relax him, rejuvenate him. Whe the relationship becomes jolly, the sex will also be jolly. 4- Get a sextoy; this is where I will advice you badly. Get a sextoy but not with his notice. You want to save your relationship and satisfy that sexual urge you have. Asking him more times for the sex and he not giving in, gets him thinking, “who is this sexual freak I am with?”. Get your secret sex toy, hide in your Corner and satisfy yourself. 5- Cheat ; these are the moments cheating becomes healthy. If you can kill your emotional aspect, stop yourself from falling for another, or can get yourself into friends with benefits without baggage, this is the right time to get one. Have no strings fun. 6- Compromise; if all the above seems extreme for you and you have issues with it, stop complaining about he not wanting the sex as much as you do or he turning you down and live with the fact that it is not going to change and stay. 8- Join a society of equally sexual people if you can and explore wild fun. 7- Get a distraction: Most likely, no solution seems to work, find a distraction, a hobby, something that takes your mind of the extreme sexual urge. There is nothing wrong with having a bigger sexual appetite. It is how you deal with it that matters. If you have any questions or need something more, feel free to WhatsApp me. 

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