ALMOST every woman loves their pumpum being eaten. Almost because, not everyone really does. YEP!. if you never heard it before, today I am telling you. Some cannot even let go off the gross idea of allowing a man to go down on them. So if you find a woman that does love it? Be ready to spoil her. FIRST THINGS FIRST, there is never a one way to eat pussy really good, take note! Every woman is completely different, so be ready to explore with your sight, smell, touch and sound when you decide to journey into the Glory hole. Once you master this, you will be able to customize your pussy eating depending on the individual, depending on the mood and depending on what her body yearns for on that day, time and moment. Step 1: TEASE BEFORE YOU TOUCH, teasing is a form of communication with her senses. A way of letting her body welcome you, you are going to want to tease her till a breathe of air from your mouth onto her clitoris makes her moan, you are going to tease her till you see the vagina wet and dripping, this means kissing her entire body with a relaxed lips. Taking charge from forehead to her toes, pulling her hair at the roots while you kiss her, moving your way down her body with kisses, the sequence you choose is based on how you feel. You can never eat that pussy really good if you do not enjoy the idea of enjoying the body of the person you are about to eat. Her body should taste like the perfect meal. that raw soft flesh women have been blessed with is just amazing to devour. after you are done teasing the hell out of her body, go closer to the honey pot, BREATH on her p**** but don't kiss it yet, keep kissing around it, letting you nose brush it, your cheeks having a little feel of it, simply acclimatizing with the vagina till she tried to shove your head in her pussy. She may even start moving her hips, this is a sign for "OK NOW F****** LICK IT I'M HORNY." Now, get ready because after this your tongue is going to be so FUCKING tired you won't be able to do anything else with it. Step 2: IGNORE the clitoris, The clitoris is where you end the game at, you are going to want to arouse all the areas round the vagina except the clitoris. This increases its sensitivity and as such increase in pleasure. If you want her to think about you anytime she thinks about that amazing licking her pussy felt, this is the only way to go. Lick from underneath, the vagina, to the flaps, spread the tongue wide and brush that hole, pull all her sensory nerves to nowhere but the clitoris. When you get to it, you can A.(beginner)Taste it with your tongue B. (Average)Kiss it with your lips C. (Advanced)warm it with your lips and let the tongue glide to meet the beak, then stroke it with both softies. FOR NOW THO, we stick with (A). Its not that hard we have seen all shapes and sizes of p****... The clitoris iS a little bump thing under her clitoral hood. Once you have found it you can get to work. Relax your jaws and let your tongue go to work. The secret is CONSTANT MOTION, none of this lick her clit then move away and kiss her p**** etc. Once you start licking don't stop. The technique for licking her clit is simple, SUCK AND FLICK. Suck it and without moving your head away flick it with your tongue, keep flicking the FUCKING thing until you can't feel your tongue. Chances are she will orgasm pretty FUCKING hard, remember to keep doing it and don't move your head away to take a breath, just breath of her p**** juices. By suck and flick I mean have your lips around it and flick your tongue against it. You can do a finger test to see if she is into fingering and combine both fingering and licking. The aim is to get her to cum so hard that, by the time your dick enters, You are more than a beast. NB; some women love it wet and nasty, others love it a bit dry. Some are also just open to all. You can also try giving her a bit of both. give her a bit of wet and a bit of dry or blend both. 

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