Destiny keeps disturbing my private line, she is worried I may get there late. She needs me to impress her dad and family, but really I am not bothered, she went with my car. THE TAXI gets to the beach house and she comes out to meet me. We hug and she gives me a peck on the cheek. She had on a short tennis skirt and bikini bra. “Babe you look like the lunch.” I say. As I smack her bum and follow her in. I am introduced to family and find my seat opposite hers. Her dads first question weirdly was “how often do you hit the gym?” Imagine the look on my face. I give him and answer he wouldn’t stop on how I have nice shoulders. I look across the table and destiny look really happy. I am getting along with her family well and her facial expression has this hallelujah look. The demon in me decided to say hello. I let my slippers loose on the floor, stretched my feet to touch hers and as if there was nothing about to be done, the table conversations went on. I traced my toes slightly up from her toes through the sides of her calf, through her thighs, till the tip of my toes touched her panty crouch. With the tip of my toes I danced on the surface, she parted her panty to the side to make it easier for me. I felt her wetness on the tip of my toe. With each rub, I felt her wetness blow up. As if I was enjoying the food extremely I never raised my head anymore. Her wetness had begun to drop on my feet and I knew YES!, I had made headway. I looked up and destiny is in a conversation with her cousin on her right, for me to look to her left and see her twin sister biting her lower lip. Fuck!!!! I just messed up. Define unease the rest of my meal. I have toe fucked my girlfriends twin sister and she’s been staring at me with lust all day. Anytime I see her alone with destiny my heart skips a beat. In a moment, she whispered something in destiny’s ear and they both turned around in my direction. I just wanted out of the house that very moment, But it was a sleepover and I had no where to go. During dinner, I was the most respectful boy. I was fucked. After dinner, they wanted to watch a movie. In the room was her aunt, cousin, dad, two (2) sisters, brother, destiny and I. Her Mum was on a business trip and does not return till the next day, almost everyone was covered in these lovely little blankets. Either 2 sharing one, or 3 sharing one. Her twin sister was fetching extra chips and destiny had her head on my shoulder. I looked to her and said, ‘I have to confess and be free.’ I touched her wrist slightly and whispered into her ears, I have fucked up. I need to tell you something. She laughed and I continued, this is not a laughing matter yet she wouldn’t give me her serious face. I hear footsteps, is probably her sister coming so I shut up. She gives me a kiss on the lips and says, “I know, but don’t worry much.” She kisses me again and puts her head on my shoulder. Her sister comes to sit on the other side of me. Joining in, in our blanket. It’s gotten hot in the room for me already. She places her head on my other shoulder too. I felt the sweat moonwalk from my hair through the sides of my brows, cheek, chin till it dropped. The 2 sisters looked at each and smiled as if nothing had happened. This movie must be very nice, my eyes were at attention like a soldier on parade fixated on nothing but the movie. I felt destiny’s finger tips on my knee, she plays with them climbing up my shorts to rub my thighs. The more she continues, the relaxed my spirit start to feel. Small me is slowly taking in the magic touches. Then I felt another cold palm on my other knee. Her sister is doing same, and as if my lower body had gone numb, it felt extra light and only my dick seems to exist. It was as if both hands were in a race for the dick but each did it with the perfect tease. Hell broke loose and all its demons had hit the road driving a Ferrari when both hands finally touched my dick. I looked to the side of destiny and she smiled as if to give me assurance that I can remain calm. I took a deep breathe and laid back. As if a well coordinated dance, they stroke me very well. One massaging my balls whiles the stroke the shaft. One stroking the shaft and the other on the tip. The veins on my dick had hit the gym and start swelling already. How I endured over an hour of this torment yet to conclude. The movie ended and I couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom, Frankly I only wanted to get the water running on my skin, bath and dive into bed, erasing everything that just happened. I took of my clothes and hopped in the shower. The house had gone quiet and there was nothing or no one but just me and the water. It gave me peace. Beautiful bathroom it was. Looking in the mirror trying to not think about what happened, I start humming tunes in my head whiles I apply the deodorant. Mans not hot, I open the bathroom door and destiny was completely naked looking like a mermaid with her beautiful cute body. She run into the shower to wash down too and came to lay by me. A gangster like you and you are suffering like that? She was trying to tease me. Before I could open my mouth to speak there was a knock on our door, she opened the door and there stood her sister in a purple see through nightie. She’s joining us destiny said. She dropped her clothes to the floor, average sized boobs, flat tummy little cute contours on her sides, and a pierced belly button. Destiny’s clitoris rather had her piercing. Like a good boy I laid there as she got under the duvet with us. They treated me like a puppet, spread my arms wide and each took half oft chest. They rubbed my body, took turns in our tongues kissing and dancing stroking my dick. Her sister went down and took my erection in her mouth, her lips were soft and relaxed no teeth. Destiny sat on my face, she loves it when I suck on the piercing whiles she rubs her vagina on my face whiles pinching her nipples till she came. Her sister laid on her back and I buried my head in between her thighs. She tasted clean and sweet. I licked, sucked and fingered it whiles destiny was eating my balls from behind with her tongue all up in anal hole whiles stroking my dick. It was intense and I could not stop myself from Cumming, I intensified the speed on her sisters clit. She bit hard on a pillow and I was feeling like yeah! I got yuh!. I was definitely not stopping till I see her entire body quiver with a shattering orgasm. She looks weakened, I leave her and place destiny on her back, her feet to my chest my dick touch her pussy lips and umm I miss the feeling of her inside. Her sister comes to lay next to her to rub her nipples whiles I give destiny the dick. I find her rubbing her clit and I insert my fingers into her. Lift it up to touch her g spot, whiles I give destiny the dick I give the sister the finger. I think she’s never gotten her g spot touched she looks like she’s about to die from too much pleasure. I switch to her to have a feel of my dick too. As if we reacting the Kama sutra we switch positions and turns till I nearer a powerful load. Destiny told me to cum on their butt so I watched these beautiful watermelons as I shot my load on them. My eyes opened around 5am to see just destiny in the bed. Her sister went back to her room I suppose. I was very thirsty so went down to the kitchen to grab some water. I heard little moans so I walked with caution. I got to the kitchen and there stood a woman rubbing her vagina. Her physique and all I haven’t seen all day in that house. She was in clothes. She turned to my direction and what the fuck is my ex doing here. What are you doing in my house Joey. Your house? Are you Destiny’s Mum? The fuck? We been broken up for over 4 years, she helped me on a project and we ended up doing our nonsense now here she stands my girlfriends Mum. You either break up with my daughter or fuck me. You know I can’t, it’s been over like forever. She starts to beg, “not even the dick just your tongue.” I will not complain. She walks closer and hold my dick. I raise my head to see sorrow in her eyes. I place her on the kitchen counter. Drink a little of the cold water and eat up her coochie till she Cums. I hear someone coming down the stairs and take a spot beside the counter with her opening the fridge. Mum what time did you get in? Barely an hour dear. I have met your boyfriend. She comes down to hug her mum and we go back to the bedroom. I lay there not knowing whether to think or not. I am fucked, that morning during breakfast the mum could not take her eyes of me. I was nervous I was scared. She insisted she had to have a one on one time with me to know the daughters boyfriend better. When breakfast was over the rest of the family went to relax by the beach and in the kitchen the Mum and I. She was to wash the dishes and I rinse whiles the interrogation goes on. Destiny and her sis helped with taking the cups and plates to the kitchen before leaving. We stood by the tap and her questions and blackmails started to drop. We made a deal, so far as she got to have me atleast once a month she will never tell the daughter. “I really love destiny as such this doesn’t seem much a sacrifice. We weren’t half way through the dishes, my hands were soaked in the water. I stood next to her in shorts and tank top, she had on this lovely cute short flower dress, an apron on her front. She had drawn so close our sides touched. Her part was done and I was in a hurry to finish up. She hugged me from behind, having a feel of my body. Destiny’s Mum was 46 looking like 16, I need not describe her gorgeous body and her lovely boobs as if she never breastfed. She hands found its way into my shorts then my boxers out came my dick. I tried very hard to concentrate but it wasn’t easy. She unzipped my shorts, knelt in front of me and took my wood in her mouth, I stayed focused but my knees were getting weak, as if she has no teeth and her lips had no muscles, that woman sucked dick with precision. Rocking her head front and back. I looked down and the sight wasn’t bad. She twirled her tongue in 360 degrees and I felt like dropping to the floor so looked to the heavens for control. Heard footsteps approaching followed by a voice, it was destiny’s sister coming, she called my name telling me not to worry but she’s here to save me. She kept on her knees opening the cabinets below. “Your girlfriend and her sister have really messed up my kitchen” she voiced out from below. She was in the kitchen now and played defense claiming they did nothing. She waited since we were almost done and we went out together. My phone beeped and it was a message from her mum. “Unfinished business, you completing before morning”. The entire night was terrible, I felt I should tell my girlfriend what was going on but I cannot bare to loose her. She is my world, blasts from the past however will not let me have peace. Her mum my temptation, my demonic ex. She had a call and excused herself from us, came back and said she had to hit town and back hurriedly. Called me her new first born and opted I drive her. The rest of the family loved the idea, destiny was that happy her mum liked me that much, little did they know the struggles. Into the drivers seat I was, seat belt buckled. My girlfriend comes to kiss me on the lips and we move. The conversation between her Mum and I heightens, her demands too much for me to meet. One time and one time only. We are the high way and am speeding I just cannot wait for us to get to her meeting. Her hands running through my head hair to my shoulders down to my thighs. I am focused on the road. Words of temptation starts pouring out of her lips, she misses the touch and the fuck, spreads her legs slightly open and shifts her panty to the side, she grabs one hand of mine and I resist, she pulls it again and I let go, directs it to her vagina for my fingers to touch her wetness, she brings them out and suck on my fingers, she tastes her juice and lets out a sweet moan. I adjust myself in my seat to focus on the road. At this moment I have begun reducing the speed with which I was moving, her hands rub on my groin and I sit more upright, she raises one legs on to the dash board and starts to rub and finger her vagina aaaahhhhh mhmmm her moans are erotic, her fingers seems to be inside her and she fingering that pussy aaasshhh oooooouuuuuu... mhmmmm yeahhh.... I adjust myself in the seat again, she starts to finger herself faster faster aassshhhh oh fuck I want to cum I want to cum.... aaahhhhhhhhhhh fuck fuck fuck fuck.... she puts her leg down and goes straight for my zipper pulling out my dick. The first take she kisses it, damn I miss this dick, she lowers her entire head onto it till it hits the back of her throat and she gulps breathing heavily. Aaaaahhhhhh she moans. She begins to stroke the dick whiles she sucks it, stroke and suck, stroke and suck aarrghhhhhhhh gimme that juice come in my mouth please aaarghhhhhh she sucking the dick and fingering her pussy, I find myself using one hand to grab her hair, pushing it deep down her throat till she gags on it sorry sorry I try to be a gentleman. She would not stop, brings her mouth to the tip of my cock and nibble on its very pointed tip then swallows my entire shaft. My eyes role in forgetfulness of the road I loose sight and grip and the car moves to into the other lane, I raise my head and see another car approaching then drive back into the road. I can’t feel my legs my knees are weak my dick is more than rock and she looks at me in the most seductive way possible. She must really my cock I think to myself. Darkness is just falling, We get to the car park and I look at her after turning of the engine, she looks back at me and leans in, I find myself loose control as I lean into her also, our lips touch and I pull my seat low, she climbs onto the drivers side lifting her skirt, with her panties shifted to the side My dick drills it’s way into a moist wet hole. I hold the back of her neck And her mine that dick ride she gave me after was intense, it was as life on the planet ended tomorrow, I could feel her beat inside her wet cunt and with every twist of her waist the machine called vagina pumped extra juice. I felt her pussy pick momentum with pleasure open my eyes and looked deep into hers. All she wanted was me and nothing more, love grew in her eyes followed by a whisper “I love you” like a fool I had gotten lost in her world in that moment, making me say it back. Like a shock ahhh am cumming am cumming yes yes yes aaaahhhhhhhh are we still in the parking lot yet. Going to a meeting yes but nothing else mattered till her head found the warmth of my chest after she exploded into life. We walked into the meeting exchanging glares. The drive back home was peaceful without a word said but her head on my shoulders. Destiny called and I made her know we will be home soon. I laid in bed the entire night reliving the weekend i just had and what got me to tell my girlfriends Mum who is now definitely no more my ex "i love you". Stupid DIck I said to myself as I cuddled destiny and we slept of to neverland. That morning when Doreen came out of her room she had a flare short dress that revealed her legs with the kiss of The sun and destiny was in one of her beautiful shorts I loved. The father watched them jump in car and said "Kofi you are a blessed." i smiled, waved and got into my car. The entire drive back was made fun by the girls,taking my mind of the STRESS the night before. Destiny sat by me and Doreen in the backseat. it was as if nothing had happened between us over the weekend the energy was free flowing. We got to their house and drove in thanking Lord for the journey. Along the way they got some food stuffs I helped place in the kitchen, The chofi we bought on the way seemed to have had a knock effect in destinys belly. The run to the bathroom was hilarious. The sand from the food stuffs messed up my booth hence I decided to dust of the Matt a little bit, placed it back in and before I could close the booth I felt hands round my waist and a squeeze from behind . "I am going to miss you" she said. i turned around and it was Doreen. Jokingly I replied me too. she leaned into me causing me to sit my ass in the booth. "Destiny is just taking a poo". and "she is also on phone" she added cutting me short. before I came to my senses my cock was already in her palms stroking it. "i love your cock kay, i love the way it fills my pussy and how it hits into my womb, you made me tear in orgasm that night, i want more of this dick." The little fool responds with so much ease is even annoying. She did not struggle to get me hard and knodding. "We can always do this another day I promise" I needed to plee. "i know.: she replied but this will be quick, I am already wet, i have been wet for you the entire journey. she knelt inbetween my legs and shoved my entire cock down her throat as I stared I found myself grab her head with both hands and pushing my cock down her throat. She got up dragging me up, placed her knee in the booth of the car and raised her skirt arching her back. Doreen had a messiah apple bottom ass and a pussy that drew you in like a perfect live performance. Her wetness whistled into my ears, mesmerizing my eyes whiles I approached, i felt a squeeze of her soft bum,she stretched her hands to her back to grab hold of my dick and I didn't hesitate to let her direct me, I was too hard to be directed, I pushed my rod into her warm juicy pussy. That is a real dick she said, fuck me she said, her tone mellows followed by a choir performance when she talks with her sex voice. it felt more dirty and sexy, the muddy nature of the booth, the smell of sweat from inside the car, the feel of the stuffiness and the enclosure as the door of the booth pressed against our skins got my balls banging against her clit, fucckkk fuck fuck that's was all I chorused, a 4 letter word was all that my brain kept producing, there I was increasing the pattern of my thrust, A little saliva on my thumb and deep in her anal hole fuck fuck fuck fuck, I could feel it was going deep in her ass and she was loving it, as both knees found its way into the car booth and nothing but her protruding behind curved in a perfect doggy style. i held on to her with both hands and she held on to the back seat, I fucking love your dick oh Lord Kofi I want you to shoot your load in me, give me that cum, there I was, a fool going all in fuck fuck fuck all my brains could conjure, she kept throwing that ass back to meet me, fuck fuck fuck fuck, her pussy felt wetter and sweeter with each thrust, don't stop please don't stop fuck fuck mhmmmmm oh jeesos I love your dick, make me cum on your dick, "fuck fuck fuck" was all I kept saying aaaaaaarghhh am cumming don't fucking stop arrshhh aaarvhhh fuck please don't stop don't stop right there yeah yeah yeah yeah aaaarrrrrrghhhh fuck why did you stop, I had heard my name from inside the house in the faintest of tones, I was lost in a great pussy but my ears were that sharp, I pulled out and zipped up, Destiny had just come out of the door, did she see anything? I didn't notice when Doreen covered herself and came out of the booth. You owe me she said whiles walking by me.

Even before the trip, before I dropped my car off at Destiny’s, before I left the house to go spend the weekend with Destiny and her family, Akosua had come over for the weekend and I had explained to her I had to be with destiny and her family. She agreed and I had left my place for her knowing there was no way destiny was going to come over to my end after the trip. Akosua is my understanding friends with benefits, but this time I could tell she will be a little mad. Whiles driving towards my place I called and asked what she had cooked, the response almost made me crush the car but I deserved it. I got home and food was ready,I ate, washed down and had a very good sleep. When I woke up she was in kitchen making dinner, the entire house smelled very good, "you miss me don't you?, the eye roll with a hidden smile and can just conclude the hidden pleasures of her nectar. I stood by her till the meal was done and she went to wash down. We have been like this for over 3 years so I know exactly what she likes. I stood by the bathroom door waiting for her to finish. I had turned of the lights in the room, lit up some candles, set oil next to the bed and prepared the entire room for a relaxing massage. She had a surprise look on her face that I loved When she came out of the shower. Am still not forgiving you she said, yet found herself on the bed laid in there like a new born puppy. When my hands touched her shoulders they went from cold to warm in a heartbeat, i could tell there was spasm in her pussy as the air in the room closed in on us, she tried to play it cool and i knew what i was up to so i massaged for a minute or so and then poured warm oil from the tip of her spine through to her lower back and started working it in. i did her back and arms putting her to an almost sleepy state then I poured oil on her both bum, using it draw a plus sign on her ass and legs and started giving her a but rub. The deeper I massaged the easier her legs spreaded open. Pretending to not have seen the legs open enough inviting me in, I moved to her thighs and my fingers came in contact with her pussy, she moaned.

My fingers came in contact with her pussy and she moaned as it caught her by surprise and felt so good. I didn’t say a word or stop working on her thighs and every time i came in contact with her pussy she was biting her lower lip to keep from moaning, with her legs parted slightly, you could easily tell her pussy was now soaking wet and i knew it. i worked my way down her legs, through her calf to her feet then back to her inner thighs, to the side and side of her bum. Her wetness had begun dripping a little bit and by the third time my fingers touched her pussy she lifted her waist slightly of the bed and back down. Her body language was drop dead, she had become warmer, her inner tissues were breaking down the more. When i finished doing her legs i told her to roll over and she did SLOWLY, keeping her legs squeezed tightly together as she was embarrassed her cunt was so wet. I went to her feet and gave her a gentle feet rub. foot rubs have their way of creeping up on a woman’s emotions when her senses are heightened. When was done i put more oil on my hands, did her neck and behind her ears and did the front of her shoulders and then went right to her tits, which caught her again by surprise and made her gasp as I expertly started kneading them and watched her nipples got rock hard without touching them. After about a minutes I allowed the heels of my hand to rub slightly against her nipples, which i knew have always been sensitive and that feeling went right to her pussy making her breathe warmer trying stop herself from moaning. I still didn’t say anything and kept massaging her, now I could feel she was on fire tits and again her legs opened all by themselves. i stopped for a second to put more oil on my fingers and then took hold of her nipples with my fingers and started pulling on them and rolling them in my fingers and she moaned rather loud this time. her eyes were closed but flew open when I said, “Does my baby like what I am doing to her beautiful tits” and she was looking at me with lust in her eyes. she moaned again and without even thinking about it, said, “Oh yes, it feels so wonderful” and I leaned over and kissed her.

After that kiss she responded like she was about to die, she sucked on my lips not wanting me to stop. my lips seemed too sweet for her as hers did to me, it seemed to travel through her body to her feet as i watched her toes curl. We had never kissed to this extreme before, she never felt like this before and her hormones were in the bullish rage her flooded the sheets. she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me with all the passion she had in her while she moaned like a desperate whore begging for a fuck. I returned the favour by wrapping my arms around hers too and in deep arousal of the burning sensation arousing her entire being her nipples tickled my chest sinking intl my flesh, my hard dick pressed against her groin feeling the tip of labia, i put my tongue in her mouth and she again moaned loud enough to be heard outside as i got up on top of her. You could feel my leg pressing against her pussy, it was warm, it was soft, it was juicy, i had it touch my thighs, i knew how bad i was about tl fuck her, i needed that no brainer sex but this was feeling intense. i took my tongue out of her mouth, looked her in the eye and said, “You feel so good right now and am about to make you my little bitch” to which she breathlessly replied, “Oh yes fuck me pls, fuck me, make me your cunt, I need to be your cunt sweetheart, oh god, fuck me hard pls, fuck me hard” i was removing ny thighs from where it laid and i brushed from the base of her cunt to the tip of her clit and she shook in massive motion as her cum kissed my legs. A little ffffuck came out of her mouth showing how on fire she was. She had already cum without warning.

i kissed her again driving her absolutely wild and decided to have a taste of her pussy, i wanted to eat up her cum and make her cum in my mouth. "about to eat you up i said and she moaned, “Yes baby yes, eat my pussy baby, eat my fucking pussy as i got between her legs. My lips touched her pussy lips, it was so good she screamed and begged for more, i licked her cunt from her asshole to her clit. her ass exploded off the bed as cum rocketed out of her cunt into my mouth, i spanked her pussy slightly with my finger with my hands underneath her ass, holding her ass in the air as i buried my tongue in her pussy as far as I could, rubbed my face in her pussy making her scream with tears dripping down her eyes and almost passed out as she came again. As she returned to this world she felt me slide fingers into her pussy and move them around, setting off the fireworks again as her ass moved on its own volition into my hand and then she felt a finger entering her asshole as I clamped my lips onto her clit, circled my beak and sucked gently on her clit till i saw her legs wiggle and her feet shake. This was a first for her, a finger in her ass while her cunt was also being finger fucked, she never liked the idea of anal butt today she allowed, freed me to do all I wanted. i watched her pour her water all over me and the bed and when she thought it was done i laid her down and shoved my entire cock down her vagina, gave her the dick of life till she passed out onto the bed. We had to change sheets and lay dry towels for comfortable sleep. i got up to eat and prepare for my meeting the next day whiles she slept.

That morning I felt renewed, I was ready to kill it. I got to work with my team ready, we supposed to pitch to a new customer. Landing this man will a seat at the big table with the big boys. it was my ticket in. for 2 months 5 days 8 hours 32 seconds it was this moment I was about to own. My team and I welted our way into his office ready to pitch him his wallet into our coffers. He seemed excited as this has been long running. I established the rapport, the intro, diving in to the core of the pitch then his phone starts to ring non stop. he excuses himself and comes back begging to reschedule. FuCk I whisper to myself. I leave the place down and disappointed. I met him through Destiny's mum when we were together is been that long coaxing this man up for this moment. I brought my phone out, scrolled to her name and typed "HI".

She replied, her reply came faster than I expected. She happens to be in town, done with her meetings and in her penthouse,it was a cue for me to come over. My phone begun to buzz, is Destiny calling, she heard the lowness in my voice, I could tell she felt sorry for me. She knew how much I wanted this. i have told myself I am going to be great, i need a table on the seat of the big boys. I told the driver to drop me off, i was heading towards Destiny's mum's penthouse whilst on phone with her daughter. Adwoa told me to be calm as i got down, giving me the pitty look. Destiny tried her best to tell me countless jokes but it didn't seem to hold tail to me. I got into a taxi heading towards my girlfriends mum. A secret affair that begun long before I met her daughter. The Story between Destiny's mum and I goes as far back as my first ever intenship. She headed the department I worked in, she was feared, everyone knew not to step her boarderline. She is pretty, very well together, authoritative and when she dressed up, she was impeccable. I always looked at her from far admiring her charisma not in a sexual manner but in a role model manner, it was wierd, i wanted to be like that woman. One Sunday afternoon I happen to meet her at the mall with a lot of load and helped her pack them into her car, introducing myself as an intern at her work place, it was then that she begun to notice me. She kept tabs on me, would send her assistant to call me when I was aimless At work and scold me, i became her assistants assistant. At work she shawned me, scorned me, made me feel worthless and after work she will flatter me with how much growth and potential she saw in me, i begun to enjoy this routine of my good cop,bad cop being one. It amused me, I had been with just 1 girl in my entire life then, she broke up with me before the internship so I honestly did not know much about the female species. Fast forward and by the end of the internship I had become a messed up sexual slave.

She took me through humiliating sex experiences which my body yearned for when she ignored to do it to me. IT was worse than a withdrawal symptom, it had become my new level of arousal. At times after work, she will drop me at my gate with a little gift box, i am never allowed to open till she tells me to. She will call me on video, make me open it and the first layer will be a beautiful wrist watch, bracelet, socks, neck tie for an event, cash, something I requested for amongst other nice things, but underneath it will be her panty,bra, stocking, something she wore on that day, make me sniff it and masturbate while she watched. Through this entire period i hadn't seen her nakedness. "You love to serve my pleasure dont you?" and she will laugh. Watching her remain happy because of me got my dick harder each time. i just wanted to please her. Her eyes were not to see sorrow in my sight,her mood were not to be dampened in my presence. To me I was her source of life, her breathe, her SUN. Once in a while she will let me touch a boobs to help me cum, sometimes expose a thigh, for over a month I never saw her completely naked, not even a sneak peak. She had a 3 day seminar and told me to tag along. In the flight i enjoyed a first class treatment for the first time. It was beautiful. We entered the room and she left for a meeting. About 30 minutes gone, i heard a knock on the door. I thought it was her, only to be surprised be a masseuse, she was to givie me a treat. We had a chat whiles she set up, it was fun, she was fun to talk to, her set up was a bit wierd, maybe because I have never been to a massage parlour before. When she was done, she went completely naked and asked me to do same. My first introduction to NURU massage. First, she took me to the shower and washed me down completely clean, she washed my ear lobes, my balls, made me bend over and watered my anal hole, my feet and legs. i felt completely clean. When we came out of thr shower, my cock was already harder than steal, the room smelled like comfort, first she squeezed oil on her rubber massage bed.

THE room smelled like comfort, first she squeezed oil on her rubber massage bed and asked me to lay on it. I watched her pour oil from her shoulder, down her breasts, through her blossom nipples, and watched it swim all the way down her labia, kissing its flaps. I watched amused, just being in the moment ready to welcome whatever was coming. She rubbed her body against mine, nipple to nipple, groin to groin, private to private. Her entire body covered in the oil, she did same to me. I felt every part of her nakedness, yet I wasn't allowed to touch. My hard cock basically kept kissing the lips of her vagina and yet I was not allowed to penetrate. It was sweet, the experience was amazing, but my dick to be in on the action. I wanted to have a feel of her insides. I heard the door opening and my skipped a beat when Destiny's mum entered the room with a friend. I was shy they were both watching me naked on the oily bed, bring rubbed by such a beauty. My cock veined up pointing to the ceiling. Her friend asked if she could join in and I said yes, thinking it was a joke. She stood up and strippednaked, into the bathroom she went. Destiny's mum walked up to where I laid and stood by the bed. I lost the presence of the masseuse and entire glaze stayed on her. She stood there in her skirt and suit, feet slightly parted. As the friend came out of the shower to the bed, i got up so she could lay for the masseuse to start working on her. I found myself on my knees staring up Destiny's mum. With my tips, i touched the soles of her soft feet, tracing it up slowly to her knee. I kissed her, pushed her skirt up slightly and she stood watching. I sunk my lips in her thigh, enervated every source of being in her legs till I could smell her wetness. I pushed her skirt up and kissed the lips on her pussy through her panty. haaaaaa, her laxity diminished, her knees could not hold. I watched them wobble.

I parted her panty to the side, softened my tongue and licked her entire honey pot in one long stroke. aaaaahhhhh she moaned, her legs could not support her any longer as she fell on her knees. I went behind her and drugged her panty down, held my hard veined cock and shoved it inside it of her. oooooooshh she moaned. How I had been waiting for this day. I went ball deep in her honey pot. fffuuuck she screamed, her friend and the masseuse watched as i banged her harder, harder, harder, harder then started to go in faster, faster,faster, faster grabbing on to her hair i went in harder and faster, there she was begging for mercy. aaaarggbhh am cumming am cumming, am going to cum aaarvhhh argghhh argbhhhhh, i spanked her bum, watching it wiggle whiles I went balls deep in her till she let out a loud cry of cum. She got up to take of her clothes. I knew i had unleashed the dragon. Her friend dragged me onto the bed and sat on my face. Her wet juice streamed down my throat, she tasted like breakfast, i held on her butt cheeks and rubbed my face deep her wet juicy pussy. She looked to the roof roaring like a beast, aaarrghhh arrowing my tongue deep inside of her, i could feel her waist shaking whiles she squeezed on her perky nipples, her moans echoed the room whiles she came on my face. I felt a warmth decend round my cock. The masseuse had let herself in on the action. The girl was just amazing in how she took control of my cock, i watched her twist and turn like I never experienced before, with each movement of hers my cock knodded, holy fffffuck, mmmmhmm my deep moans grew louder, i felt helpless, then regained some composure and turned her over, placed on my chest and bent her knees all the way down till they could feel the mattress, i shoved my rod straight deep and she felt the entire length, width and wrath of my rod. aaarrrggggghhh she yelled, who would be helper, i banged victory into her, chocking her neck up, the other ladies watched, they watched me be a beast deep in her, aaarrghhh oooouuu mhmmm arrshhhh haaaaa mhmmm oooosh she had no words, I watched her slap the bed, with tears strolling down her eyes as she squirted all over the bed. I had a lot more juice, i was yet to cum. She laid there helpless whiles I got up, i had to wash down from the excessive squirt. She literally drowned me in cum. Into the shower I went, the door sprung open and in was Destiny's mum followed by her friend. Both women joined me in the shower, in turns they unrivalled me, forced my cum out of my cock onto their faces. That was just the first time we officially had sex. Along came countless times of fantasy sex in which I was mostly her slave and she my master, before we broke up and unlikely chain of events lead me into the arms of her daughter. One I love with all my heart, but you cannot blame my dick for struggling to STAY faithful.

NOW, This me in an elevator ascending to her tower. I haven't been in there from the very last night I found out she was married. The memories came running back to me whiles I approached the door, it had taken my thoughts of the ordeal I have been going through all day to just the place I find myself now. Touching the handle of that door brought the memories of how wild she spanked me the 1st time she gave me an opportunity to close a client I almost lost. i pushed the door open and she sat in the sofa with a wine glass in hand, her back facing me. I wasn't my bold self in that moment, it felt like the old times again, the journey to her front felt longer than usual, she sipped on her glass, I saw her leather spandex gloves on the hand that held the glass, and my heart skipped a beat. Her hair held behind her, short spandex skirt, and bra, her red lipstick could be soiled by the red juice she was taking. Her feet on the center table displaying her beautiful long legs kissed by the sun, she sat there in confidence with her shoulder laid back. "I spoke to him" sip, "A favour for a favour, you already know the deal." sip. i felt goosebumps climb up from my feet to the last hair follicle on my head, my dick knodded. A MIXTURE of happiness because I had gotten the meeting set up again and the life I had tried so hard to move away from. Her phone started to ring. Destiny's name came on. She ignored the call, not more than once she called, then followed by a knock on the door. She knew her mum knew the man. She had come to her to try get me a meeting. I stayed in hiding with tears dripping down my eyes, "I love you". I wish I could shout it out loud. She knew her mum likes to play dress up, she ddnt know how much of a freak she was. So she wasn't really alarmed seeing her dressed like that. In her presence her mum agreed to help again. Then she left. TIME wasn’t favorable, so she allowed me to leave. I went straight home and texted Destiny on the way. Tears filled my eyes, "how bad can one girl love me "I felt. She gets and I walk over to her, ask her to tell me anything she wants, i was ready to give her the world. To be continued…..

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