Promiscuous (ongoing)

I really wanted a good fuck but was disappointed. Upon all his nice looking dick and stature kwabena barely lasted 2 minutes. His dick has barely scratched the surface of my horniness. I am taking my anger to my toys. I get home and wash him off my body. Still mad, for how long will I go through this shit for love. I have 3 different vibrators and they have super hero names, Thor,Black panther whom I acquired recently and my finger ring is spider man. Spider-Man is always good for these moment. On comes a porn movie and into my bed I sink whiles I turn on the volume louder, Spider-Man touches my clit and weaves webs off orgasm. Not long I was in the same place the girl in the porn was. Aaaaaaarghhhhh yes my moans over hers whiles I hit a strong orgasm. It feels good to leave it on the clit after. The sleep effect is better than a sleeping pill. Is early Saturday morning and I set out to hit my trainers. There’s a new face approaching as I lock my gate, he’s tall, dark, well built, stands about 6 feet tall. I delay in locking the gate so I can stare at his ass. I turn after locking and my heart jumps. He is standing there waiting. He drops of a joke and together we leave, he is nice to talk to, we get along pretty well. I invite him in for a cup of juice boldly after the run. I had my house cleaned so yeah the confidence was extra. Any plans for your Saturday he asks. “Just my pillow, I and movies. My perfect weekend 3some. The conversation turns sexual and juice becomes toast eggs and vegetables. We finish and he rinses the dishes whiles I wash them. We did not stand well. Was supposed to be me on his right, anytime he stretched his arms to place the dish on my left I felt his warm breathe at the back of my forehead and it felt heavier with time. As if it was not enough, he stood behind me and grabbed me. Held me by my waist and I melted into his hands. He kissed my neck and at this time I had become like butter. His gym pants fell on to the floor and mine followed. It wasn’t slow, it was hard, quick, strong and intense. He fucked me, fucked me really hard. I felt it hit my womb with each thrust. I had my hands on the window. He grabbed me by the neck with one hand and the other wrapped around my waist. He fucked me really hard. I couldn’t stand well, my thighs were weak, knees could not support my weight, I landed on the floor and he knelt down grabbing me by my waist. It had gotten painful when he finally shot his load in me. I love it hard but not for orgasms. Is to take a bad moment out of my head or take me out of an emotion. As much as he fucked me good I was completely under satisfied. I find myself in the shower after he leaves. I was bruised, I placed the shower head on my clit and turned it on, the feeling was soothening and relaxing, I kept the water bubbling on my clit. I treated my bath tub like a bed and laid completely in it. Turn the water to the fullest and just laid in there, it was building up, it felt like being licked, I rested one leg on the edge of the tab and narrowed the head of the shower, this minute sensation was swelling in me it felt really good. My free hands found its way to my nipples and I caressed them, not long I was biting my own lips and licking them. Shhittttt oh fucckkkkkkk aaaaahhh shiiittt oh aaaaaasshhhh the feeling, the things the shower head was doing to me aaaaaaaahhhh yeaaaahhhh it was building a massive pleasure eeeeiiiiishhhh damn aaaahhh yes yes yes yes ooooooooooohhhhhh I nibbled my nipples Inbetween my first finger and thumb aaaaahhh I pinched them slightly. The shower head was blowing my mind oh lord oh lord oh lord yassssssssssssssssssss fuck me aaaaah I let out a loud roar when I finally hit the magic orgasm. I did not want to move I couldn’t move. It had weakened me, I laid in there for a while before finally finishing up and diving into my bed. I woke up a bit late about 5pm with a message from both kwabena and John. I was not in the mood for another 2 minutes ritual with kwabena and even though John fucked me like a rapist it was a much better option. He wanted to take me out, night out at the club. I haven’t been to one of those like forever, it would not be bad to give it a try. That night I slid in my hot and sexy black dress, showing of my long neck and legs. My heels spoke a different language of its own and I could tell I looked like dinner from the way he stared at me as I approached. Like the beginning of any relationship he was trying to be a gentleman. Held the door open and supported my hands. I felt like a queen as I sat in there. We got to the club and he introduced me to his friends. A bunch of very cute men, we were familiarizing when I saw an old school mate, had to excuse myself for a minute. She came with her best and a bunch of girlfriends. Hanged with them and returned but John was nowhere to be found. Got out to make a call, the outside is also hence in a quest to find a cool spot I found myself behind the cars. I spotted JOSHUA’s head one of Johns friends and starting walking to his direction. He looked to sky still haven’t seen me. Realized his eyes were closed for a minute then my eyes followed his head down, there was John on his knees, both hands gripped on Joshua’s cock. Stroking it to and fro as he sucked on it. I watched him deep throat the dick whiles turning his head to the side. I watched him suck till he released in his mouth. He got up and he zipped up. Watched them walk back into the club. I went to join as if I hadn’t seen nothing. We have had enough fun and going home. JOSHUA will be spending the night at mine he said. So will just drop you off at yours, I smiled and got in. We drove off and his car followed, on the way I told him not to drop me at home, I wouldn’t mind spending the night at theirs. He looked really uncomfortable but I was not going to be bothered. Never seen two men fuck each other never seen a gay action besides in porn movies so curious I was, the manner in which he sucked that cock came back to my site and my panties begun to wet up. He drove into his house and he followed. On getting down I told him I don’t mind, he looked at me confused then I repeated I don’t mind. Joshua had come out of his car and seem to have heard me too. I looked to his direction and voiced out. “I saw him suck your cock till you came in his mouth and I know you want to fuck tonight, I don’t mind.” As if they no more had voices we walked into the house in silence, John looked very embarrassed, Joshua seemed cool or acted cool I will say. Poured some drinks and we sat in the sofa, I found myself inbetween the 2 guys but moved to the other side of Josh so they could be closer. Told them not to bother and thus I was really comfortable.  

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