What is love

What is love? Definitely not the romance, romance in the sense of the kisses, the touch the fuck. Definitely not love. It comes with it, as an addition as a cherry on top. - [ ] Love is respect, respect for the other party, respect for their emotions, respect on what they do. Pure respect prevent you from giving someone pain, respect that to every story there are 2 sides, total utter respect. Note this, Respect is not fear, respect is looking at things from the other person’s perspective. Respect does not mean you belittling yourself. Respect is not when you always have something to prove,Proof of love, proof of want etc. Respect given should be reciprocated. Takes 2 people for this to work. - [ ] Love is to care, if someone says they love you, yet they can’t help you when you are in need, is just folk tales. Love is care, care for how the person is feeling, care for how they are going through life, care for their happiness. If someone says they love you and yet cannot help you when you need them to even though is in their power? It is just anansesem they are cooking you. When someone really loves you all they care about is your happiness and will move heaven and hell to see you happy without a second thought. It almost makes you foolish. Caring for someone that does not care for you back is confused stupidity. - [ ] Love is daring, dare here brings together respect and care. When you respect each other, you respect yourselves enough to listen to their thoughts and words without dilution. You care for each other’s emotions and perceptions. You care enough to never see them hurt and respect them enough to do same. - [ ] Love is trust, with respect and care brings trust. One that really respects and cares about you should easily be trusted. A friend of mine will tell you, “Yaw, I cheat every week but I never fuck with my woman.” Weirdly no matter what anyone says about her man she is blinded by it. You know why, if is time she needs she never lacks his time, joy? He is her source. a good fuck? Name whatever you want she doesn’t lack, so if at the end of all this he’s doing some side flings, he is just doing salad after he will still come for the main meal. Love is trust. You trust that they have your best interest at heart and they do same. - [ ] Is true that no one is perfect, but their flaws should not outweigh their positives else you are in a fools paradise. Love is not when they are fool of shit but because you feel as though you have been with them for long you stay. No body will want you so you stay. How will anyone want you when you don’t want yourself? - [ ] Love can be a lot more things but when you put these 4 as your foundation block, being hurt becomes much more difficult  

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