The art of pussy licking aka cunnilingus After countless debate experiment and reviews from a couple of people ranging from straight lesbians and bisexuals. I deduced, added and combined to bring you this topic in the best fashion possible. Eating her up the best way possible. This will not contain everything but atleast the basics more like 70% of all the secrets you need. We will do this in not more than 10 steps. You only use these steps on special days and on special women. Not everyone needs to have this part of your lips and tongue every day. 😂 1- forget the pussy is a pussy. Imagine it as your favourite meal that you haven't eaten In a long time that has been cooked in the best way possible. You wouldn't want to rush it. You will want to smell it, adjust it, direct it and have the first taste. 2- the best way to eat the pussy right is to build her anticipation. Before you eat corn you remove the husk. Build her entire bodies anticipation to direct her wave length to the little whole inbetween her legs. You may start with a kiss on her forehead and work your way down. Every woman is different so play with her body part to get her exact arousal points. Do not spend much time on the breast and nipples. The target is the vagina so just arouse the other spots in anticipation. You will rather want to concentrate more on. > her belly > pelvic bone > her pubic bone. Hopefully she's slightly trimmed or well shaved like you want it. U have hands and fingers for reason. Use them to tease too just don't penetrate yet. If all these are done perfectly. She will be begging wet for you to touch the pussy already. But it's not time Get. 6 more steps ahead 3- blow warm air over the pussy, kiss it slightly and move to her inner thighs. Do not blow air into the pussy. Just over it and sides. Begin from the area closest to her knee and lick her all the way to the area closest to the pussy. U can include little bites. Be gentle with this cos that area is very sensitive. Once you are done with one blow air over the pussy, kiss it again and do the other leg same. 4- at this moment her anticipation should be shooting for the clouds. Now, If you have followed all the steps above to the point, she should be dying for you to take action! you can choose to build her tension by slightly licking her only with the tip of your tongue, or you can go for full licks of her whole vulva. There are many techniques for you to choose from. Based on my own experiences, the best practice is to stick with one technique for few minutes at the beginning and then vary your “moves“. Some of the techniques explained below > Lick like a dog” :It is very simple and all you need to do is: Make your tongue flat Relax it as much as possible Lick her whole vulva (including her labia, vaginal opening, and clit) with your flat relaxed tongue in a slow motion Do this from the bottom (her vaginal opening) to her clitoris When returning down just follow her inner and outer labia on one side by the tip of your tongue The second time you need to focus on her lips on the other side >Lips Check Up” it is an excellent way to built anticipation when “going down on her”. All you have to do is to follow these few steps: Make your fingers wet (use your saliva or her pussy juice) Spread her labia from each other with your hands Begin with kissing her outer labia (both right and left) With a flat tongue, lick her outer labia from bottom-up and return with the tip of your tongue in the space between her inner and outer labia (both right and left) You can continue by sucking gently on each of her inner lips The “Clit Flicker & Sucker” is a very intense method that is focusing directly on her clitoris. Therefore, avoid this technique if she is too sensitive in that area and can not handle direct stimulation. If she can, then proceed to these steps: You need to expose her clitoris by pulling its hood away with one of your fingers (use either your thumb or index finger) Once exposed, put your lips and mouth all over it Place your tongue under her clitoris and start flicking it slowly and gently Move your tongue up & down and increase your speed gradually Add side-to-side and circular motions into the mix As she gets closer to climax, suck on her clit a little bit and escalate your vacuum and suction power until she reaches a very intense orgasm More tips coming up next week. Stay ready  

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