We been eye balling each other the entire time after I got to the houseparty. She had on a purple short seductive dress with spaghetti hands. He boobs must have been DD's. It stood erect from my direction. I love her view, she had those bright eyes, cute lips buttered with amazing well trimmed white teeth. We will exchange glazes from time to time. She was friends with the girl doing the party. We had been introduced but none said a word to the other. Am with the boys sitting, drinking trying to get high and am sober as fuck. I raise my eyes and there she stood dancing looking directly in my eyes. Once again we find ourselves eye balling. Can't resist her gaze no more, I stand up, walk directly at her, stretch my hand and our palms touched. I walked past her and she followed. We climbed up the stairs into one of the rooms. When I opened the door it was completely empty. We entered and I closed it behind me. Turn around to face her and we both smiled, I held her by the waist and she wrapped her hands round my neck, pinned her to the door and kissed her with the last breathe in me. We kissed for some more. Not long I found my hands on her tits. Massaged them with both hands till she begun to moan with pleasure. Turn her around, pulled her dress up and shifted her panties to the side. My lips on her ears I sucked it, licked it and nibbled it with my tongue and lips. My middle fingers found it way inside her vagina. It was moist, she was overly dripping wet. I scooped her pussy and she yelled in pleasure. Mmmhmmmm I went in a little bit faster aaaahhhh she moaned louder, I turned up the tempo Oh fuck she muttered . Turned around to face me, her lovely boobs found its way into my mouth when she turned around, shit she yelled. I fingered her some more aaahhhhhh ashhhhhhh her feet begun to tremble but I will not stop mmhmmmm her body shook in what felt like almost her third cum oh no oh no!! Am Cumming again she cried. Aaaaahhhhhhhhh . I pushed her on the bed, pulled out my fully erected dick and lifted her legs round my neck. I used the tip of my dick to rub her clit. Eeiiiish she screamed. Oh no no not again. Please don't stop aaaahh eiiishhh mmmmhmm please put that dick in me. Aaahhhhh she tried to grab hold of it but I held her 2 hands together, pinning it on the bed. Please give it to me she cried, don't tease me no more aaahhhh, with my hips I thruster deeply into her pussy then begun to move in and out, I got carried away by how gripped tight and wet her pussy was at the same time. I pounded so hard the head board begun to make noise. Harder harder she begged me to fuck harder.. that's it yes aaaahhhhh ohhhh yes. Her pussy had become extra sweet she was nearing orgasm I had to control myself but damn this was tooo good. I lifted her butt up a little bit banged it harder harder harder aaaaahhhh we found ourselves moaning. What a chorus it was jeeezzzzzzzzzzz aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh as I shot my load deep in her and she gripped me with a kiss. What's your name she asked Kwesi I answered and yours I asked, NAANA she replied. 

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