My Weekends are usually boring, the life of dating a man outside the country. mostly home alone surfing the net, watching movies or just laying around. Nothing out of the ordinary usually happens. I have not been touched for close to a year, this day I was In bed in a short dress that stretched to about a few inches before my knee with nothing underneath. It fitted my curves perfectly and to me I looked like a goddess in them. I really wanted to talk to someone so I picked my phone to call Jude to blast him a little. Jude was a friend I could always count on no matter the situation I was in, but he was that annoying so he deserved some disturbance from me. When I called he told me he was out to give something to his and will pass by end. We were too close for me to think anything sexual, so as a lady I put on some bra waiting for his coming. 5 hours went by and he was still not in, just when I picked my phone to call I heard a knock on door. I opened and chuckled at him then went to sit. He came to sit by me to sweet talk and pamper me which I loved. How I moved from there to lay on his laps I can tell till now. I laid on his lap whiles we watched the tv then playfully started to rubb my hands on his knee. He was in short which exposed his thighs and legs. Slowly I rubbed him and started to feel his hardness touch my head. Then I started to rub more on his thighs, he was getting harder and I could feel his erection some more. I went on and on till my hands found it way to his dick. I stroked it a little the turned my face to face, he looked into my eyes unbothered and smiled. I raised myself up to sit and he held and kissed me deeply. The passion in his kiss sent birds kissing my brains. My hands wondered over his tank top rubbing his chest pinching his nipples then I sat on his laps and wrapped my legs round his waist. I took of his top amidst the kissing and he let loose my bra exposing my upper body as he fondled my two twin towers whiles we kissed. He lifted me and laid me on the sofa down on my belly and took everything of me. He started kissing me from my feet up, spending time on all of me till he climbed up to my shoulders. He bit.He bit my neck and i squirmed. His hard cock was sitting my butt cheeks and i grinned on his dick in reverse feeling it get extra hard and strong. He rolled me over and for the first time I saw Jude like never before. My nipples were hard and popping ready to be sucked. I opened my legs up for him to enter me, but he lowered his lips down and sucked on my pussy. He licked each and every part. Fuck hes great! I was lost, getting mesmerized by those lips. His fingers entered my pussy as He licked my pleasure bud. I grabed his head tightly with one hand and the other pinching my nipples as I started to cum. My nails dug lightly into his skull, my breath quickened and my hips up into his face harder and faster. Aashhhhhhh pooooo mhmmmmm I came, releasing screams of pleasure. I made him sit up and I lowered myself down onto his cock. Ohhhhh my, i was feeling like a virgin with each inch that entered. Was his dick big or I was too tight I cared less, was just loving the feel. Oh lord i cried as his dick split my pussy wide.“I want you inside me often. We should have done this long ago, oh my goodness. I love this, ahhhhh uuushhhhhh mhmmm I went hard on his dick. Don't stop oooshhhh let's take advantage of each other, I was about to let out another sentence when he landed his lips on mine. That was just our first.

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