• Benjamin Boateng

5 to 1

Mary is busy blabbering about this cute guy that asked for her number. I am listening but not paying attention, a thought in my head that popped up stole my concentration, I begun to laugh. Akosua must have thought I was laughing because of what Mary was saying, the other 4 girls seem to giggle in response. The party is well packed, the house is full, everyone seems to be having fun. I am here thinking about what happened between kojo and I last years 31st night:That is what had got me laughing. I look round the room trying to find him, I see him with his friends, he is looking cute as usual smiling about whatever they are talking about. His eyes meet mine and I wave. I raise my phone and point to it, hopefully he gets what I mean. My text was short and simple, “ I want a repeat of last year 31st night now🙈.” I looked to my left and to my right to see if anyone was staring at me: no one was, then I leaned on the wall and pulled my tong from underneath my short dress, I walked to his direction, he smiled as he saw me approach. Without uttering a word, I leaned in to him from behind and pushed my hands in his pocket, dropping my tong in there in the process. Then walked away through the direction of the kitchen and up the stairs. I looked back to see if he was following, he wasn’t. I opened the first door and some people were already busy at it. I closed it quick laughing, then I felt those warm hands on my waist, I melted into his arms. I turned around and kissed him deeply. Its occupied I suppose? He asked laughing. We tried a few doors and they were all locked, then we heard the sound of a washing machine from one room and opened it. Why it was on we had no idea, Laundry room it is. We locked ourselves in,He carried me on to the machine and I locked him with my legs. I escaped into his lips as the swallowed mine. He hands moved from my neck down through my back till grabbed hold of my butt-cheeks. The rumbles of the washer whiles the clothes turn swells up my belly and lands me on my extreme wet honey pot. I grabbed hold of his belt and I let it loose. I pulled his soldier out of his trouser and took it inside of me. His first thrust went so deep, I bit hard on his neck. Then we heard the crowd count from 5-1. It was the dawn of the new year. We paused till the counting ended. With his soldier still inside of me, we said a quick prayer and resumed. Turned me around and I laid on the washer, my clit landed right on the edge of the washer, his thick palms landed on my waist line, then he pushed his dick deep inside of me. I moaned in ecstasy, each thrust of his waist weakened my knee, the vibrations from the washer would also not let me loose. It kept hitting against the tip of my clitoris. Not long, I was trying to catch my breathe. Fuck lawd don’t stop aaahhhhh mhmmmmm please don’t stop fuck yesssss ouuuuuu he loved my pussy, he loved it when I moaned, he loved it when he feels like he is rocking me well and he was. He starts to moan too, I can feel myself coming and him too. Oh aaaahhh yes baby am coming am coming don’t stop please. Aaaah yes yes yes aaaaaaaaaaaaaah fuck. As he shot his load deep inside of me. He laid on my back for a while, then we got up and cleaned up with one of the clothes. What a way to start the new year again. 







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